Friday, January 13, 2012

Bournemouth and the Jurrasic Coast

Sometimes I forget that I live on an island.  After all, it's not tropical, or sunny like most of the other islands I've visited.  It does, however, have some rather nice beaches, which we discovered on a trip to Bournemouth and the Jurassic Coast.

Beach shacks in Bournemouth
This was one of our first road trips in the UK and in my frenzy of packing everything we could possibly need into our car I somehow forgot the camera.  So you'll have to settle for these photos from my (very old and outdated) iPhone (which, now has been replaced with the new Siri equipped model, thank you very much).

Bournemouth is an easy 2 hour drive from London and a lovely little spot to spend the weekend.  We stayed at the Cremona hotel which a quaint family run bed and breakfast.  They have a "family room" with a double and 2 singles plus room for the baby cot- perfect!  Or at least I thought so (my travel savvy kids were less than thrilled with the shared accommodation).

In Bournemouth we visited the local aquarium which the kids loved, spent all our gold coins on amusement rides, and ate fish and chips while being entertained with balloon animals and magic tricks at Harry Ramsdens.

Creative solution for what to do with all those historic church buildings:  Turn them into nightclubs!
But the highlight of Bournemouth was the beach.  Since leaving Australia we have all been starved for the beach.  (You would be too if you used to live here).   It was too cold for swimming but we got out the buckets and spades.  And my little beach babies has a wonderful time.

The next day we visited Monkeyworld which featured the most amazing adventure playground I've ever seen.  The kids exclaimed that they actually felt like monkeys climbing around in there.  What fun!

On our last day we drove out to Charmouth on the Jurassic Coast to do some fossil hunting.  The wind was bitterly cold but we were determined.  We hired some pick axes and set to work.  Luckily, a ranger happened by and gave us a quick lesson on what to look for.  Without him we'd still be there chipping away because there was no way we were leaving that beach without fossils!  I have to admit, it was pretty thrilling to actually find some.

We drove on to the picturesque town of Lyme Regis and enjoyed lunch at Cafe Sol.  This little town was absolutely beautiful.  Tiny winding little streets, colourful shops, gorgeous views.  The perfect spot to end our trip.

Lyme Regis Photos
Photo from TripAdvisor

There are just so many amazing places to explore in England.  
What should be next on our list?


  1. I highly recommend Wales, it was beautiful!

  2. Thanks Jesica! Wales is definitely on my "must-see" list. I'd love to stay in one of those Duchy of Cornwall holiday homes there. Dreamy . . .

  3. Another place to add to our list! And how in the world did you find Monkeyworld? Sounds like a very unique place. Some of the places on the top of my list: Bath, York, Oxford, Dover area, and of course Scotland.

  4. Hi Jenny! I never really even thought of going to the coast in the winter. I guess I always associate going to the beach with shorts, but I love the idea of bundling up a bit and taking shovels. I mean, it's not even super cold right now, and it's just an hour's drive for us-- we should totally go!

  5. Look on the bright side. In summer there's light until after ten, and the sun heaves into sight at very early o-clock, far before you want to be awake. And though we're as far north as Labrador, our summers, whilst not hot, are relatively gently.
    For easy fossil pickings, and a beautiful alternative to the south coast, you might like North Yorkshire
    All within easy reach of wild moorland, beautiful ruined abbeys, the walled city of York, where Constantine was proclaimed Emperor of Rome, Ohhh. Just do it, you won't regret it.

  6. Tanya- We loved Bath, and the other areas you mentioned are definitely on my list. Might do Dover later this month!
    Ariana- Yes you should go! Amelia would enjoy it I'm sure. Plus, there are no crowds in the winter.
    soubriquet- Thanks for the suggestions. North Yorkshire looks beautiful from your photos.

  7. I loved Yorkshire when I visited.

  8. This is what I love about visiting travel blogs and blogs by people in other countries ~ I get to see and read about some wonderful places I may never get to. Love it! (visiting from our SITS class)

  9. Your first photo reminds me of the beach boxes in Brighton, Victoria (in Melbourne) love the fun colours!


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