Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Austria- Our Winter Wonderland

Why don't American schools have a half-term break?  It's a brilliant idea:  take a week off in the middle of the term so everyone can relax and recharge.  Last week was half-term break around here and we made the most of it by heading to Austria for our first proper family ski holiday.  I feel like we have discovered the perfect, family-friendly winter vacation.  It was a true winter wonderland.

Picturesque Tirol, Austria
Austria is well known for its Kinderhotels -resorts designed specifically with families in mind.  On the advice of a friend, we chose to stay at the Babymio which is a beautiful family run hotel set up for families with babies.  They provided everything we needed for an enjoyable holiday: a family suite complete with crib, changing table, toys, etc.  There were toboggans, and strollers and baby backpacks available to borrow.  There was a fabulous indoor pool area and children's' playroom.  They even had a baby food buffet in the dining room. And the best part:  childcare offered everyday so we could go skiing.

Ready for Ski School
The hotel was located right next to a beginner's ski area which was perfect for us.  The kids took lessons and Tom and I took it easy.  My goal was simply to have fun and make it through the week without breaking any bones.  I'm happy to report that I succeeded on both counts!

We had snow every day.  It just kept coming and coming.  One day we experienced an actual blizzard, with raging wind and heaps of snow.  Tom and I got stuck on the chairlift for over 30 minutes.  I must admit, I was a bit scared.  Dangling above the ground, being beaten by the fierce wind, totally helpless. I was so relieved when my skis hit the ground that I didn't even mind going down the mountain in the horrible conditions.

What is it about snow that draws kids in?  We had snowball fights, built snowmen and made snow angels  There was plenty of sledding (or "sledging" or "tobogganing") for all.  Even walking through the snow was a thrill for my kids.  At the end of the week we were all sad to leave.   It was so much fun for all of us.  I can't wait to take them skiing again next winter.

What is your favourite winter holiday? 
Do you crave the sun or do you head for the snow?


  1. Sun anytime!!!! Snow is nice to look at, but to holiday, not a favorite!!


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