Monday, February 20, 2012

Celebrity Sighting in Rome

Did I mention that we had a celebrity sighting during our weekend in Rome?
We spent several hours at St. Peter's; climbed the dome, wandered around the church, taken heaps of photos, all while wrestling with our squirmy baby (no strollers allowed!).  We were pretty much frazzled when we decided to leave.  I just couldn't deal with the crowds (or the squirmy baby) any more.  And the big kids were getting restless and hungry.  It was time to move on.

As we left the church we noticed a large crowd assembled out front for the day's peace rally.  We stayed to the left so as to walk through the square without disturbing the speakers at the rally.  We walked on and I started to get a strange feeling that everyone was looking our way.  I asked Tom, "Are we walking right through the middle of something?"  He noticed that everyone was looking past us, up at the window overlooking the square.

People started cheering.  And in a few brief moments we surmised that someone very important was about to make an appearance from the window.

So, we stopped right there (in front of the crowd, directly below the window) and I grabbed my camera.  And just as I did, he appeared, released 2 doves, and made some very brief statement about peace.  It was all over in a matter of 40 seconds.

But I did get a photo.

My out of focus, face obstructed photo of the Pope
See?  Right there?  Behind the podium?  Yes, that's him.  The Pope.  Can you believe how perfect our timing was?


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