Monday, April 16, 2012

Holiday in Portugal

The Algarve region of Portugal is a hugely popular holiday destination for Brits.  It offers gorgeous beaches and sunny weather and it's only about a 2 hour flight from London.

Sagres: The very tip of Portugal
Another view of Sagres

We spent a week enjoying this beautiful country with 2 other expat families we know from Sydney.  With 15 people in our lovely villa the week was full of sunshine, swimming, laughter, good food and friendship.  What a treat for us all.

Swimming at the villa
Horseback riding in The Algarve
The view from Ponta da Piedade near Lagos

At the end of the week, the weather turned a bit nasty and my sweet friend suggested we ditch our seaside house and head north to the village she is originally from.  What an amazing way to end our holiday!  We got a taste of what the "real" Portugal is like.  They took us to local restaurants with the most delicious food, introduced us to their friends at the village salao, drove us out to more stunning beaches, and showed us around the medieval village of Obidos.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful week.

The beach near Caldas da Rainha

The whole gang enjoying the trampoline
The girls on the street in Obidos

I arrived home feeling refreshed, restored and filled up with the love of my friend.  It was just exactly what I needed.  I'm not sure how I've managed to find the most sincere, caring, thoughtful, generous and hospitable friends all over the world.  I certainly don't deserve them.  But I am so, so grateful to have them in my life.

Me & my wonderful Portuguese-American-Aussie-Kiwi friend.  Love her!
What about you?  
Did you have a Spring Break holiday?  
Did it leave you invigorated & ready to jump into this new season?
I hope so!


  1. makes me want to go to portugal even more!

    what a fun time :)

    i went to NYC while on spring break,it was fun!

  2. Wow, you are such awesome travelers! What great experiences you are giving the kids!

  3. What an amazing adventure! Beautiful pictures too.

    For our Spring Break we went to Orlando to enjoy swimming, swam with the dolphins, the Zoo and made lots of sweet pies with my in-laws in town from Michigan.


  4. Victoria- I can't wait to go back to NYC- such a fun place.
    Laura- I miss reading about your adventures! Will you become Florida Girl in SF? Hope all is well in beautiful California.
    Allison- Thanks you! Swimming with dolphins sounds amazing. I'm sure my kiddos would love to try that some day.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful week. However, I think someone hacked your account and added a line. Tell me you did not write, "I certainly don't deserve them." The way you describe your friends (sincere, caring, thoughtful, generous and hospitable) is exactly how anyone who knows you would describe you. Oh, and to answer your question... I had the most wonderful spring break, can't think of anything that would have made it better!

  6. Oh Kathy- you are so sweet. I miss you, friend! Your Spring Break was one of my happiest weeks. Can't wait till we live in the same time zone again and can plan all sorts of fun adventures. xx

  7. I hope you're not knocked over with all the love coming your way!

  8. Cute kids... Nice blog :)

  9. Great photos, beautiful place! It's fun to keep seeing your global adventures. Glad you're enjoying it!

  10. Thank you for showing me places I may never see. It looks beautiful. Your pictures are wonderful. I also enjoyed seeing your family. We live close to Branson, MO and I blog often about What to do in Branson. We are getting really excited to take our first BIG trip to Alaska in a June. I cannot wait to blog about it. Thank for encouraging me. I found you on SITS. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Blessings Always, Diane


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