Friday, May 4, 2012

Be Your Own Travel Agent

Lately I've been spending countless hours on trip planning websites.  The British plan their holidays in advance. Way in advance. Like a YEAR in advance.  I don't.  Which is why I've been spending all my free time trying to find lodging for a family of 5 (not that easy) over the upcoming Jubilee Weekend.  I'm happy to say it is all arranged now (a mere month beforehand). 

So, to help those of you who, like me, do not already have next year's Spring Break trip booked, I thought I'd share a few of my very favourite travel websites.

Obviously, the starting place for any trip planning.  For me, it's like the of the travel world.  I also really like their iphone app which I often use to search for restaurants in our destination.

The following sites list self-catering accommodation and holiday homes worldwide.
Air BnB

If you fancy a farmstay in the country, check out this link:
FarmStay UK

If you're feeling rather royal you can even book a cottage on the estate of Prince Charles: ( I think these look absolutely dreamy)
Duchy of Cornwall

For help with booking, the options seem endless.  Here are a few I like to use for comparison. 

Now I've got to run upstairs and finish packing for this weekend's trip.  
Here's a hint about where we're off to:

This city has more miles of intact medieval walls than any other in England

Which travel websites are your favourites?
Have anything fun planned for the long weekend? 
(Monday, 7 May, is a Bank Holiday here in the UK) 


  1. It has been a big adjustment in my new role as travel agent for the family! I love Trip Advisor go-to for reviews. I will have to give their mobile app a try when we are on the go. Is your weekend trip YORK? We are off to Amsterdam. Have fun!

  2. My English hubby thought York based on the question but not the photo. By the photo we both are thinking Rochester. Do tell do tell! I'm not spoiling the fun and googling for the answer.

  3. Yes, it is York! The large cathedral you can see is the gorgeous York Minster. So glad we got a chance to see this beautiful part of the country but- man, oh man is it COLD there!


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