Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fields of Dreams

When I saw Monique's photo of the beautiful English lavender fields, I immediately put a visit on my to-do list.  There is a very short window of opportunity for viewing these gorgeous fields.  They begin to bloom in mid-June and are harvested in mid-July. 

 So yesterday we packed up the family and headed 2 hours north to the Cotswolds to see the lavender for ourselves.
 Truth be told, the rest of my family had no interest in seeing blooming purple flowers.  But they humored me and agreed to go. 

 Predictably, it was wet and rainy.  

 We wore our wellies.

We had 20 dry minutes to walk through the fields before the downpour began.  Then we ran at full speed to the gift shop where I gathered some lavender goodies to take home.

It was not only quite a sight to see, but quite a scent to smell as well.

Do you have a favorite lavender recipe?


  1. Okay, the picture of the 'boys' must be blown up and hung it your house. It's amazing.

  2. It has been a bit of a wet summer hasn't it? Never mind, those lavender fields still look beautiful. I haven't seen lavender chocolate before, I wonder what it tastes like - hope you enjoyed it anyway.

  3. What fun to see our local lavender fields in your blog! I hope the short window of field walking was worth the drive. I get a lavender buzz in those fields. So glad you went! Great photos.

  4. I can practically smell it through the screen! It's tremendous to see that much lavendar. Lovely!


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