Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics Fever

We've all got it around here- Olympics Fever.  It's all Olympics, all the time!
There are over 20 different BBC channels covering all the Olympic events.  While I do miss some the the US television coverage highlighting the American athletes, I am amazed by all the events that are aired here in the UK.  Yesterday my 5 year old and I were captivated by table tennis, and today I watched the Queen's granddaughter, Zara Phillips, win her first Olympic medal in the equestrian events.  And even though we are enjoying all this TV coverage, I can't wait to see some of the action live and in person.
I'm sure you've heard about the frustrations, disappointments, and confusion surrounding the ticketing process.  I tried to get tickets through the public ballot last year with no success.  I was lucky enough to score football (soccer) tickets when they became available in January, and have managed to grab a couple other events in the last few weeks.   Never mind that I had to google "canoe sprint" to figure out exactly what I would be attending, or that I will be spending next Saturday morning watching race-walkers (the very sport I remember ridiculing as a pre-teen).  This is the Olympics, taking place in my adopted city and I'm going to be part of it!
So far I have come up empty-handed in my quest to get tickets to an event in the Olympic Park.
I'm not giving up yet.  Apparently, more tickets will be released each night as the organizers attempt to get as many fans in the seats as possible.  So I plan to spend the evenings on my computer, repeatedly hitting "request tickets" until I get lucky.
And until then, I'll be watching on TV and hoping the US women's soccer team ends up in the final so we can be there to cheer them on to another gold medal.  It's going to be a fun couple of weeks!

Anyone else planning to attend the games?
What's your favorite event?

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  1. So exciting! I've only caught a bit of it, but it must be riveting! Cheers!


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