Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Football

Saturday we finally made it to an Olympic event!  Men's football (soccer)- Mexico vs Senegal at Wembley Stadium.
Gray clouds couldn't dampen our excitement
We had been warned that getting to the event would be very difficult.  But after researching our options we decided to go against the grain and drive to the stadium.   This is definitely discouraged.  In fact, there is no official car parking at the stadium.  We were shocked that there was virtually no traffic, only minor road closures and minimal frustrations involved with driving.  We made it there in about half the time it would have taken on public transport.  So I'd say getting there was a success!

Security was a quick pat down and a bag check and then we were in.  We were notified in advance that no liquids could be brought into the stadium.  Next time I will definitely be bringing empty water bottles to fill up inside.  (When you purchase bottled drinks inside they remove the cap- which is pretty annoying).  There was also some confusion about which types of cameras would be allowed inside.  Rather than risk it, I didn't bring a camera (just my iPhone).  I did see plenty of people with dslr type cameras so apparently they are allowed inside.

Crowds still pouring in as the match begins
Our seats were up in the rafters.  I purchased one of the cheaper categories because in those seating areas kids tickets are priced according to age.  So a ticket for a five year old is only £5.  What a bargain!

We could see the whole pitch and thought the seats offered a great view.  We were in the shade and covered by the partial roof which was a real bonus when it started pouring rain. (A "proper English summer" according to the gentleman seated next to me).
You can actually see the rain coming down in sheets!
The game was pretty exciting and even went into overtime.  In the end, Mexico came out on top. (And since we're from California it was practically like our home team winning).

And even though the stadium was packed with over 80,000 fans in attendance, everything went very smoothly and we were out of the stadium, back in our car and home surprisingly quickly.

We'll be back at Wembley next Thursday to watch the women's final.  Crossing our fingers that defending champions Team USA will be there to bring home the gold.  We can't wait to cheer them on!

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  1. Very cool! So glad you went. We had planned on steering clear of London during the whole Olympics season, but we have heard that it's actually really empty for that very reason! We'll have to get ourselves over there before it gets busy again. We won't be attending any events, but I am so glad to read accounts and see pictures from other people who have gone for it. Good for you!


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