Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic Gold

Oh what a night!
Thursday, 9 August 2012.
Wembley Stadium
Women's Gold Medal Football Match
USA v Japan
We were there!  And it was amazing!
We arrived early and found our seats. We watched the teams warm up and gathered up our signs and pom poms and giant flag.  I tried to ignore the sideways glances from the less than enthusiastic British couple seated next to us.  There were plenty of Americans with so much pride and team spirit.  It was definitely a great night to be an American.  I was shamelessly patriotic.
There was some pre-game fun with giant soccer balls and a huge banner that went right over our heads!  
In come the teams.  How wonderful to see the American flag and proudly sing along as our anthem was played.
The game begins and next thing we know- GOAL!  Right in front of us.  So exciting! 
It was pretty intense.  I have a whole new level of respect for soccer after watching it at the Olympics.  It is a really aggressive, physical sport.  And so much fun to watch.  
 McDonald's has a clever series of ads displayed around London called "We all make the games."  I was a "nervy peeker" and a "come on, come on, come on er" throughout the game!
There were heaps of Americans in the 80,000+ crowd.  Many showing their spirit with flair.
We cheered and clapped and gasped and yelled and when the time ran out it was USA on top!  Gold medal!  The crowd erupted.  They played "We are the Champions" and it was really a thrill to see how much this win meant to the players and the fans.  
The players were so gracious- walking around and waving to the crowds.  What wonderful role models for all our young girls.  They really will "inspire a generation" (as this Olympics hopes to).
And then out comes the podium and in come the medalists.  Unfortunately we were seated behind the podium but the players did turn around and flash us their medals.
I still can't believe I got to stand and watch out flag being raised above our gold medal team while the national anthem was playing.  What a once in a lifetime experience.
Way to go Team USA!  Thanks for making me and our whole country proud.  A truly great Olympic night for all.

But we're not finished yet!  More Olympic moments to come!


  1. It was an incredible night! We had our patriotism on full-force too. I did feel like the Americans were the only one cheering for the American team. All the other Brits, Canadians, Europeans seemed to be rooting for the Japanese.

  2. How exciting! I found your blog through SITS Girls (I think) a few months back and am dreaming of living as an Ex-Pat like your family. Until that happens, I will enjoy living vicariously through your experiences. I cannot imagine what the "vibe" must be at an Olympic event - particularly a medal round. Yeah you! And yeah women's soccer!

  3. Oh, it looks like you had a blast! Wow! I'm sure everyone had fun! The energy in the coliseum looks incredible!


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