Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympics at Eton Dorney

I'm still coming up empty handed in my quest for tickets to any event that will get me into the Olympic Park.  I'm not giving up hope just yet, I mean there are still four days left!

With the somewhat creepy one eyed mascot

In the mean time, we enjoyed attending an event in our own neck of the woods,  the canoe sprint.  The rowing and still water paddling events are taking place at Eton Dorney, near Windsor.  The kids and I headed over earlier this week to watch some of the heats.
Walking into the venue

Even though there was only one American racing, we all cheered loudly for her!
There she is!

Our tickets were "general admission" which means we had no assigned seat.  Kate perched atop a rubbish bin to catch a glimpse of the action while I held Reid on my shoulders.  The littlest one was stuck in the stroller, but at least he can say he went to the Olympics!

The venue was really nice, very organised with so many helpful volunteers.  I am so impressed with the way the London 2012 committee has put this event together.  Well done!

Now we're gearing up for our big Olympic moment Thursday when we will watch Team USA play for gold in women's soccer.  Stay tuned for more on that . . .


  1. I know you are 100% for USA, as it should be, but I'd like to think that Portugal getting the silver that day put a smile on your face. Beijos!!!

  2. You know it CBT! We only saw the heats, so I didn't get to witness Portugal's moment of glory. But I was thrilled when I saw the news! We cheer for USA, AUS, GB, and Portugal!!

  3. And we present to you...a gold medal...okay not quite, but it is a Liebster Award...come check it out at Ladies Holiday... Cheers!


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