Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day Out: Dover

On the coast of England, with a view of France in the distance across the Channel, sits Dover Castle.  The medieval castle was built by King Henry II starting in the 12th century.  But the site was important for centuries before that.  In fact, a Roman lighthouse and an Anglo-Saxon church still stand on the grounds. 

There's something for everyone at Dover Castle, which is part of the English Heritage membership.

Fun day out at Dover Castle
We climbed the tower and explored the great hall.
View from Dover Castle
The kids loved trekking through the medieval tunnels and poking into mysterious passageways.
And then there are the secret WWII tunnels to tour.  So much history in one spot!

View from the tower

Rainy cliff walk
After exploring the tunnels we headed a half mile up the road for a walk along the famous White Cliffs of Dover.  The cliffs are made of chalk, which gives them their striking colour.  
As you can see, the weather turned typically English on us so we didn't get to hike the whole 4 km route.  We'll have to save that for a future sunny day.
Despite the rain, it was a lovely day out with the family.

The beautiful White Cliffs of Dover

Have you seen the White Cliffs of Dover?  It's on the Facebook travel list challenge- so get to it!


  1. I think I saw that castle up there, when we were at the port! I was really wondering what was up there, so this is great. And I LOVE that first picture of your family, having a great time! The view from the tower is so beautiful. I'm loving your pictures, Jenny.

  2. so pretty!! i love that family photo--cute!!

  3. You guys are so cool for doing all the trips you do and what you are exposing the kids to. Been to a few of the places you've written about and I can't wait to take our kids there.

  4. The white cliffs are stunning Jenny. It's a pity that we won't be able to see Britain at all. Maybe for the next time. Your pictures and posts have inspired me to dream a bit about seeing your part of the world in the future.

  5. Such lovely green against grey! Some day I'd love a visit with the family!

  6. Breathtakingly gorgeous! I love how the greens and blues meet... simply lovely.

  7. Beautiful! I'm really hoping that we can get over to the UK this fall to see our buds in Southampton... we keep talking about sneaking over the France while we're there. If only there were infinite resources at my disposal! Keep up the adventure! Very inspiring!

  8. I am SO ready to get stationed overseas!

  9. This is so on our list!! We keep waiting for a sunny day :) Must. Go.

  10. Hi Jenny I adored this post, especially the funny shot of the family. I have seen them twice when I caught the ferry over to London with my German classmates on a school trip back in 1989. I can't wait to take our pixies there! Thanks so much for joining the POTMC. J x


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