Friday, June 1, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee

All of Great Britain is abuzz with preparations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration which takes place this weekend, June 2-5, 2012. 
Union Jack bunting is strung through all the villages, street parties have been organized, and flags are flying high.

Windsor all decked out in bunting

I am absolutely in love with the Jubilee teapot I bought for myself to commemorate the occasion.

Americans who want to get into the Jubilee spirit can shop here for their own souvenirs.
(My personal favorite is the solar waving Queen)

There will be concerts and pageants royal appearances.  It seems that half the country's population will be in London for the festivities, and the other half are using the extra public holiday for a long weekend getaway.

Can you guess which half I'll be in?


  1. We wanted to be in the London half but decided it might be a bit much with a little one. Especially on the cramped tubes. Yikes! So, we'll be hanging around Oxford for street fairs and such. Hope you enjoy the festivities!! xoxo

  2. So exciting! That street scene shot looks so quaint and inviting. Enjoy the celebration!

  3. London is my favorite city in the world, but I'm not certain I'd want to be there this weekend. Street fairs sound pretty awesome, though!

  4. I haven't been in London in ages, but I'm jealous simply because I'd love to be able to buy some of the kookie jubilee collectables!

  5. What an interesting time to be living in London!

  6. I've never heard of it but I'm a huge fan of anything that involves bunting. And I love that teapot!


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