Friday, June 8, 2012

UK Roadtrip: North Wales

Last week all of Great Britain celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a four day weekend.  We opted to get out of London and explore another beautiful part of the UK- North Wales.
About 4 hours north of London, this part of Wales is home to the beautiful Snowdonia National Park.  We stayed in the charming little village of Betws-y-Coed, right in the heart of Snowdonia.
Although the weather wasn't perfect (it's COLD up there!), we really enjoyed our long weekend.  We spent our time storming castles, riding on steam trains, hiking to waterfalls and soaking up the beautiful scenery.
We saw lots of sheep and rock walls and natural slate; rolling green hills and gorgeous old stone buildings.  We marveled at the Welsh language (what???).
And although I was a wee bit sad to miss out on the festivities in London town, I was perfectly happy to watch the Jubilee celebrations on the telly in the warmth of our pretty hotel (which had a perfect 2-room suite for a family of 5).
Fun low ropes course.  The harnesses work great- they tested them!
So glad we got to see this beautiful part of the country.  But now that it's nearly the middle of June I'd really like to put the winter jackets away.  Is there such a thing as "summer" in the UK?


  1. That is just down the road from where I've been living this past year but I'm so ready to move on! The UK used to have a summer but over the past 3 or 4 years it's been disappearing fast rather sadly! The weather today is horrendous, and not like June at all! That's why California is calling my name...England in the sunshine is beautiful but it just doesn't show itself often enough to make me want to stay here permanently! Glad you enjoyed North Wales - coats and all!

  2. Oh this brings back happy memories - we spent this past New Years holiday there and I posted photos of many of the same places! It was SO cold and SO rainy but absolutely one of the most gorgeous landscapes I have ever seen. Going to click the links to your hotel to see where you stayed...may come in handy as I would definitely love to go back there!

  3. Gem- Lucky you to live in such a beautiful spot! But I hear you about the need for sun. Nothing beats California in that respect.
    Sarah- Yes, your post is what inspired our trip! I originally intended to go to South Wales but couldn't find any accommodation. Based on your experience I thought we'd try North Wales. I'm so glad we did! It was gorgeous.

  4. Summer - not so much I'm afraid. I'm a Scot living in South Wales who's addicted to escaping abroad for sunshine, it's pretty much the only way to guarantee sunshine unfortunately. We spent the jubilee weekend in Rome for that very reason. :-S

  5. Looks like fun! I'm surprised to read that you're still wearing winter jackets in June.


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